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I am suffering from PCOD/Thyroid, will Mysticabymini® help my hair condition?

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

To begin with 1 in every 10 women is suffering from PCOD, 1 in every 10 person has Thyroid and these conditions have become common.

And allow me to say Dont Worry about Hair!

Mysticabymini® hair care products are made at home, without any chemicals. The fresh and the dried herbs used, helps to fasten the growth, controls dandruff & hair-fall, reduces occurrence of early hair grey. The time frame it takes, would be different for each.

Dimpal Bhal, first User, suffered Osteo-blasma c~ at an early age of 13, and had 2 surgical operations at 13 and 31 years. She has to take medicines all throughout her life. And also suffered PCOD. Which only increased the chances of hair-fall with every passing day, after the operation. This was the moment Mysticabymini® hair oil was made by Vaidya Mini Bhal, also our mom.

  • She uses 50-60 folk herbs that fastens the growth, controls dandruff & hair-fall, reduces occurrence of early hair grey.

  • It is purely herbal. Made at home.

  • No chemicals used.

  • Uses Kerala's traditional way of blending Pure coconut oil with herbs.

Changes for Dimpal Bhal were not sudden, but was faster with below few steps:

  • She used mysticabymini® hair oil without any break for over 5 years. Every 3rd consecutive day/night.

  • Ensured to use chemical free Shampoo, Conditioner and Serum.

  • Did not use Comb over all these years.

  • Became Eggitarian. (Vegetarian + Eggs.), that helped in controlling the hormonal dis-balance. And increased Veggies into her diet.

If you are facing any issues with regards to Hair, we would surely recommend Mysticabymini® Hair care products.

You must only do these:

  • Use as instructed

  • Stay away from chemicals

  • Stay Healthy & Happy

  • Have Patience

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Unknown member
May 15, 2021

Can you please tell me how much does mysticalmbhair oil cost

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