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Hi, I'm Mrs. Mini Bhal and I am 63 years old. My origin is Errattayar, Idukki Dist, Kerala. I am Vaidya by Profession. To share about my Journey from Kerala to Delhi and back to Kerala, Marriage and 3 beautiful daughters will take me ages to finish :)

My Story

As I am from Kerala, people believe we naturally inherit good hair. I am sure, even Keralites who travel to different cities and counties away from home town, even though they have inherited "natural good hair" goes through hair fall due to changes in climate, water, food habits, stress level, anxiety issues and many other. My daughters were my "Reasons" to create Hair Oil. I believe, Haircare is one of the topmost necessities nowadays. It was absolutely a requirement for me to create a haircare range of products for my daughters.


My Husband "Late.Mr Satyavir Singh Bhal" his support gave me a lot of strength to begin with "the making of oil". With multiple experiments, we were able to finally find the absolute solution. This process would not have been possible, if he wouldn't have sold off his ancestral property, back in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh and bought the land in Manjularuvi, Erumeli, Kottayam district in 2010. The folk herbs grown in the land, made lot of work easier for me, and helped me expand and experiment better to create the oil we were looking for.

My 2nd Daughter, Dimpal Bhal, suffered Osteoblasma on her backbone, at the age of 12 and had to go through a painful operation. Amongst the 3 daughters, she had the least hair growth and regrowth. As all daughters of this decade, she was even running away from applying the hair oil. Miraculously in 2015, she started applying Mysticabymini® Hair Oil as she started losing out lot of hair, due to stress in her studies, while completing her Msc. in Psychology. The change was beautiful. She was not just able to strengthen her hair, but also grew her hair so long, even I couldn't believe, she would passionately follow. 

In 2019, Mrs. Bhagyavati, who was 74 then, had gone through major hair loss. She was undergoing through major medical issues, due to which she lost almost the whole hair. My daughter advised her to use the Oil and the result was unbelievable, as she started restoring her hair back. That did caught the attention of many people in the family. And we started getting more inquiries for the Oil.

The Social Media these days, have given many an opportunity to spread the message faster. By November 2019, my daughter, who is been active on Social Media, started getting many inquiries on how to take care of hair, and what oil does she uses to maintain. By God's grace, I have been able to successfully deliver to more than 15,000 families until January 2022. My vision is to make Mysticabymini® Herbal Haircare products available for each and every person who needs it across the globe. 

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