• Take oil in the tip of the fingers.

  • Apply on the Scalp of the head slowly and equally.

  • Apply the Oil slowly towards the hair and the hair tips. 

  • Massage with oil in the scalp, in a circular moment, for 20 minutes.

  • Leave the oil on head for overnight (recommended during the first 6 months)

  • Wash and Rinse with Chemical Free Shampoo in luke warm water. (Avoid sodium sulphate and paraben).

  • After 6 months, you can wash after 4 hours of application.

  • Recommending you to use a suitable conditioner and a hair serum, depending on the hair texture.

  • Apply the Oil 3-4 times a week in the first 6 months.

  • Apply the Oil 2-3 times week after 6 months.


  • Do not heat the Oil.

  • It is recommended to warm the Oil in hot water or by keeping is directly under sunlight.

  • Always keep the Oil in an airtight bottle.

  • During the usage of the oil, ensure to keep your hair tied in a bun, to avoid dust and UV rays after the wash and the hair is dry.

  • Avoid usage of any kind of chemicals or any other hair treatments.

  • Do not rub your hair or use a hair dryer to dry.

  • Use good water to wash your hair.

  • Eat leafy vegetables and sufficient protein rich food.

  • Stay Happy and Stress Free.

  • Do not try making the oil at home.


The major Folk Herbs are cultivated in the land organically. Few herbs are freshly plucked, with roots and without roots. The leaves and roots are washed throughly, untill all the dust are removed. 


All herbs are heated and untill all water is evaporated and the remaining mixture is filtered. It is a mix of more than 40 different herbs, medicinal vegetables, and spices which are adequately blended, added in a sequence, in a pure coconut oil, ensuring all ingedrients are heated in a certain temperature, which is very crucial.


Indigo plant, Neer Brahmi plant, Alovera, Indian gooseberry, False Daisy, Curry leaf, Neem leaf, Drustick tree leaves, Drumstick peel, Holi basil, Phyilanthis Niruri/Gale of wind, Thumpi, Ash colored fleabane, Black musali, Cuscus grass, Red false daisy, Cotton plant, Indian boraf flower, Indian boraf leafes, Cantella Gotu, Shoe flower, Shoe leaves, Five leaved chaste tree, Adjearan Indian rock foil leaf, Country koorka, Sida, Indian screw tree leaf, Round zedoary, Black pepper, Onion, Ginger and few other folk herbals.