• Mix a tablespoon of Mystica Herbal Oil or a pure coconut Oil to 3 tablespoons of Mystica Hair Mask.

  • Apply the Mask on areas that are damaged or require more attention.

  • Keep the Mask for 2 hours to 8 hours.

  • Rinse with water.

  • After rinsing with water, wash the hair with Multani Mitti (original) and then rinse hair thoroughly with water.

  • Use a Chemical (Sodium sulphate and paraben) Free Shampoo.

  • Apply the conditioner only on the hair.

  • Wash and let it dry.

  • Apply Hair Serum, once the hair is dried up-to 90%.

  • Tie the bun for few hours (2-4 hours).

  • Repeat the Process, at-least 3 times in a week.


  • Do not mix any other substances to the Hair Mask.

  • Keep the Package airtight in a room temperature.

  • Do not put bare hands inside the box.

  • Use a dry spoon to take the mask.

  • Use it within a month.


Indigo plant, Neer Brahmi plant, Alovera, Indian gooseberry, False Daisy, Curry leaf, Neem leaf, Drustick tree leaves, Drumstick peel, Holi basil, Phyilanthis Niruri/Gale of wind, Thumpi, Ash colored fleabane, Black musali, Cuscus grass, Red false daisy, Cotton plant, Indian boraf flower, Indian boraf leafes, Cantella Gotu, Shoe flower, Shoe leaves, Five leaved chaste tree, Adjearan Indian rock foil leaf, Country koorka, Sida, Indian screw tree leaf, Round zedoary, Black pepper, Onion, Ginger and few other folk herbals.